One year of preparation and our extensive experience in modular products for people in motions led us to push the boundaries of some items necessary for us Restless Travellers, and REINVENT THEM.


WHEELRIDER has been evolved and improved. We have kept the original philosophy of having a motorcycle top case that can easily detach and become a carry on wheeled case. In doing that we aimed to preserved our key principles:
It had to be cool, I mean, very cool.
It had to allow for colors. We are so tired of the black or silver top cases.
It had to be modular and easy to transform from a top case to a carry on.
It had to be strong, very strong.
It has to act as and organizer for people on the move.
35,000 KM across 20 countries will put it at the test.
In the meantime, soon you will be able to PRE-ORDER yours at a special Panamerican price!


JECKT had to be with us along the Panamerican. But as riders, we know that carrying a backpack for a long time on the shoulders is can be very tiring. We also hate those shoulder straps under our armholes pulling the jacket and restraining our movements.
So JECKT became part of our NEW TOURING JACKET PANAMERICANA. To develop it we sought the expertize of an Italian brand specialized touring jackets and in racing suits and we teamed up to make our vision reality.
Now JECKT can be applied trap-less to the back of the PANAMERICANA touring jacket. From it a rain cover can be ejected at any time. When not riding, JECKT can be detached, shoulder straps pulled out and it can be used as a JECKT Active backpack.
Soon you will be able to PRE-ORDER yours at a special Panamerican price!


PHOTORIDER is a newborn in our family. Riding is great. We get to be all in one with our surroundings and we have a 180degre angle of what's we see. At times is that particular moment that strikes us, that particular moment that we want to immortalize.
Before, we had to reach for our camera backpack and by the time we were ready, that moment was gone. From now on, things will be different.
PHOTORIDER is a camera tank-bag. Your equipment can be safely stored in it. And when you catch that moment you just have to reach out for the side openings to take out your camera and shoot.
When you need to use it off-your-bike, PHOTORIDER transforms in a professional camera back pack. The inner lenses holders can we extracted from the backpack, built-in waist belt can be pulled out, and allows you to hang them on the side. You are now ready to shoot and change lenses on the ground like a pro.
Soon you will be able to PRE-ORDER yours at a special Panamerican price!